Battery Conditioning

Hybrid Battery Conditioning: A Revolutionary Technology Changing the Hybrid Industry as We Know It.

Anyone that is familiar with hybrid vehicles is well aware of the fact that for all their benefits, they do have some potential drawbacks—specifically when it comes to the deterioration battery’s longevity, power, and gas mileage over time. Finally, though, Dr. Mark Quarto and the team at Automotive Research and Design have come up with an exclusive technology (only found at The Hybrid Shop ®) that can restore your battery to over 95% of its original performance, a process that will likely revolutionize the Hybrid Industry.

With such technology, you, as the consumer, experience two major benefits:

1. You’re going to save a LOT of money!

If you took your vehicle to the dealership with these symptoms, they’ll simply tell you to replace the battery (this is an easy, profitable solution for dealerships). At an average cost of $4,000 to $4,500 , this is a significant investment that in some cases, essentially eliminates the reason for buying a Hybrid in the first place (saving money on fuel). But with The Hybrid Shop’s battery conditioning technology, you’ll literally save up to 70% of what replacing a battery will cost—which literally means a difference of thousands of dollars to consumers just like you.

2. You’re going to make a difference on the environment and our Earth’s landfills

Many consumers bought a hybrid vehicle in the first place because they wanted to have a positive impact on the environment. Sadly, many of today’s replaced(old) hybrid batteries are simply getting thrown away into our landfills, something that simply must stop if we’re truly going to make a difference as to where this world is headed. By conditioning your battery, you’ll not only be saving significant money, but you’ll also be eliminating this unfortunate waste that is plaguing our industry.

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Before and After battery Conditioning Tests; Proof!

The Hybrid Shop® dealers are the only people in the industry who can provide you with conclusive evidence that our exclusive Battery Conditioning process is effective. Click here to see a list of our Power and Energy Test results on various Hybrid models.