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What Our Clients Are Saying

Hybrid owners around the globe have benefited from The Hybrid Shop's battery conditioning technology and other HEV services. Read just a few of these testimonials here...

I would like to express my appreciation for the great service in your auto shop and your flexibility in the recovering of the expensive Panasonic 30module – battery pack for hybrid Lexus RX400h (2006). Every owner of this car wants to sell it before the achievement of the finishing warranty period 7 years or 160k km). New battery cost  $5000 + labour $1000 in a dealership absolutely kill any ideas about a new battery installation.

So, the conditioning  of existing battery for $2000  is alone an opportunity to save the car with mileage >160000 km. Rocha’s Auto Service’s highly professional electric engineers quickly and qualitatively replaced all my battery modules with preliminarily conditioned modules in my battery case and explained the battery chemistry and principles conditioning. Finally, I was happy I could return the same day to Vancouver (Canada) speeding 20h on Highway 5 for one day. Manager of the shop, Julio, called after service  that was also amazing moment in the client relationships.

I recommend professionals from Rocha’s Auto Service to US and Canadian customers, looking for high quality service and best  price/quality ratio.Such people make our life easier and enjoyable. They saved my car, time and money. Best wishes in your great efforts to help people!

- Vladimir – Vancouver, BC Canada

Our Toyota Prius took a serious dump, and we did our research.   We came up with a place called the Hybrid shop because everybody in Fresno either wanted to sell us a new battery or write the car off. Lloyds is also a franchise dealer for the Hybrid Shop and we saw some very good testimonials, so we said what the heck….These guys are great and Dean is the man.  They not only bent over backwards to service our car, they then detailed the car at no extra charge, did dealer updates and serviced and installed a reconditioned main hybrid battery for $2600….These guys rock and have my business. I will take a day trip,  spend the night and visit Santa Cruz for the remainder of our services… Thank you guys we will be sharing you with all our Prius friends….!!!!!!

- Gary Meja, Fresno Ca

The guys at Fifth Gear Automotive are excellent! I bought a hybrid vehicle with 151,000 miles on it and the hybrid battery had significant issues. The dealership quoted me nearly $4000 for battery replacement. And they really didn’t seem like they knew what they were talking about. The guys at 5th gear automotive, after a short discussion about my hybrid automotive problem, we’re obviously very very knowledgeable in the area of hybrid car batteries and could present many options to solve my problem. I ended up choosing to recondition my existing battery and I’ve been driving it for a week with excellent results. The level of customer service, communication, and expert knowledge is something I have not found it any other automotive shop I have ever worked with.

- Steve Sweeney, Lewisville, TX

Last week we had Retired Admiral John Andrews with an ’06 Prius with 140,000 miles. He had always done his maintenance at the dealer, but when his performance was on the decline, they had the wrong answer. He came to us for conditioning and “while it was here”, he did four struts , tires and some fluid maintenance.

The picture I sent you a picture of a ‘02 Prius with over 350,000 miles. His car was towed in from Yorktown, his battery was kaput, car died on the highway. Although his state of health was questionable, he said the car had been working well and he had just invested in a used motor from the dealer. He chose to purchase a Gen II upgrade and unfortunately, after battery replacement, his transmission was physically broken either from stopping on the highway or from the tow in. We sourced a used transmission which, while still on the delivery truck, we were able to test and found it had a weak electric motor. We scored it even cheaper and swapped out dudes MG2 (Motor Generator) into the used unit.

We had a Prius towed in that had been messed up by another shop. We figured out that they had installed the wrong 12volt battery which grounded to the chassis and melted the 100 amp fusible link which you have to disassemble the underhood junction box to replace. (the other shop tried to glue it in). We got a new customer and the guy really needs conditioning, he’ll be back soon for sure.

We have had several Prius which have had successful routine conditionings with a couple cell replacements. In regards to Honda Hybrids, we had Honda battery replacement sticks, and we have successfully fixed some Hondas and sold them with our new cooling kits.

Suddenly, our “good problem” is that we are strategizing this week on who’s going to the shop at night and over the weekend to keep the battery conditioning rolling.

- Ross Anderton, Virginia Beach, Va

I had my 2008 Prius battery conditioned at The Hybrid Shop and I feel very good about the service. For me, the environmental factor is very important. I was very pleased to be able to extend the life of my battery versus having to discard it. If you are an environmentally conscience hybrid owner, I strongly recommend trying The Hybrid Shop’s Battery Conditioning service.

- Bill Poveromo, Santa Cruz, CA

“We purchased our Prius new in the summer of 2005. Then we were consistently between 45 and 48 mpg. Eight years later,we currently get 33 to 36 mpg. The drop has been gradual over time, but more dramatic in the last 3 years. The initial acceleration has also diminished. Now, and for the last 3-4 years, the car hesitates slightly when you step on the accelerator. After the hybrid battery service, my wife and I both noticed the improved acceleration (the zip was back). The gas mileage was greatly improved as well, back in the 40s.”

- Brian, Goodworks Auto, Mesa AZ

“I recently took my 2003 Prius with about 230K miles to Curry’s Hybrid Shop. I now get 48mpg on average and I used to get 43, on the highway. And around town, its increased about 5 mpg as well. It has a lot more pick up and performance and it is running wonderfully. Thank you, Curry’s!”

- Katie, Gainesville, VA

“I bought the car used and have put 60,000 on it since. Before I brought it to you, I couldn’t go over the hills without downshifting and being in the truck lane. I had to be in 1st gear to get up the road to my house. I just noticed yesterday, that I was able to drive “like a real car” up the hills from Pleasanton to San Jose and didn’t need to be in the slowest lane. Thanks”.

- Harley, F., San Carlos, CA

“(After our battery conditioning service) We left the next day for Yosemite and got up to 55 mpg’s going through Los Banos. We have never gotten close to 55 mpg and haven’t seen anywhere near 50 mpg’s for at least 3 years. I cannot remember getting more than 46 mpg in the last few years. The car also seemed to have a little more power climbing which we did a lot of going over 6,000 ft. Thank you.”

- Lloyd’s Tire Service, Santa Cruz, CA

“After about 7 years, our Prius performance was going down. It started in the high 40’s (mpg), and now we’re in the low 30’s (mpg), but we heard of the Prius shop where they’re reconditioning the batteries at Good Work Hybrid Shop. We took it there and got it back the next day, and we were back up to the low 40’s (mpg). Really happy with the performance we have. The zip’s back and good gas mileage.”

- Brian B., Mesa, AZ