Replacement Batteries

Replace your vehicle battery and restore up to
95% driving range

Batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles loose power, every and capacity over time; this can be the largest factor in depreciation in value of your vehicle. The Hybrid Shop® has developed a revolutionary process called ‘Reconditioning’ that restores up to 95% of a battery’s original performance. Our proprietary process and engineering upgrades will give your battery a lifespan that can outlast the car itself.

Hybrid and electric vehicle owners experience
Two major benefits from battery conditioning:

Save World

Instead of purchasing brand new pack to replace an under-performing battery, consumers can save thousands of dollars by getting remanufactured battery pack by the The Hybird Shop®. Traditional car dealerships and untrained technicians find it easy and profitable to install brand new batteries in cars that show signs of decreased performance. Their average charge for a new replacement battery can be a whopping $4,500 for hybrid vehicle and through over $35.000 in EV.

Instead of sending your battery to a wasteland, you are purchasing a remanufactured battery at a lower cost.
By choosing The Hybird Shop®, you are choosing to be GREEN!

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Lithium Battery pack for your Hybrid

Replacement Lithium battery packs engineered by our research and development team, include Lithium battery cells installed instead of traditional NiMH battery modules. Lithium battery packs outperform NiMH in every category: longevity, performance and warranty. Especially for Honda Hybrids and fleets, Lithium replacement battery packs are way to go.


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